Picture of Janet A. Johnson, founder

Founder, Janet A. Johnson is a Management Consultant at StrategyNook LLC, where she specializes in strategic planning, new business development, project management and training services.


A holistic health advocate and philanthropist at heart, Janet A. Johnson has spent much of her adult life working voluntarily with individuals and organizations to help people from all facets of life. Having faced her own challenges with the effects of unmanaged stress, her belief in holistic healing afforded her the opportunity to explore and successfully utilize holistic methods. She is the Founder of Sunny Plains Foundation and a certified Director of a Holistic Health Stress, Anxiety and Depression Recovery Program. With a passion for helping people, Janet now works to develop partnerships and programs that will help restore the lives of individuals suffering from the effects of unmanaged stress, anxiety and depression. Applying her knowledge and experience in stress management, project management and organizational leadership, Janet provides a track for planning and implementing strategies to guide the Foundation through the various stages of development.

In addition to the Foundation work, Janet is a Management Consultant at StrategyNook LLC, where she specializes in strategic planning, new business development, and delivering project management and training services to individuals and organizations. Over the years, she has successfully managed and delivered a number of critical initiatives, and has supported several small companies in their endeavors. Janet has also worked with several non-profit organizations during their development stages, and assisted in successfully attaining their non-for-profit status from IRS. She continues to guide these organization in a consultative mode. Janet currently serves as Vice President responsible for Strategic Planning for Education Foundation for Children’s Care (EFCCI); and Board Member of Saving Orphans Through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO) as well as a member of their Business Advisory Committee.

Janet is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration, with an emphasis on Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and is affiliated with the American Society for Public Administration.