7 Reasons Everyone Should be Kissing Someone

Kissing is the language of lovers and an excellent channel for communicating adoration. We kiss when we are overcome by powerful emotions ranging from familial appreciation to romantic intimacy. They feel amazing and are welcome reminders of our instinctive connection to each other.

In celebration of love and its invaluable expressions, we have gathered a brief collection of useful health benefits, trivia and information about, you guessed it, kissing. Enjoy!

  1. It lowers stress levels!

Kissing is a natural cortisol reducer. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is the body’s way of responding to difficult situations. While low levels of it can actually be beneficial by keeping us on our toes and ready for action, too much of it can impact overall health. Each time we kiss, we help our bodies naturally balance dangerously high levels of the immune suppressing hormone.

  1. It helps to forge initial bonds

Kissing thrives most in the early phase of relationships. It is the body’s way of assessing a potential mate to ensure that two people are in synch on a bio-chemical and physical level. Basically, it is an excellent tool for gauging sexual compatibility.

  1. It is truly deeply emotionally and physically satisfying

Our delicate lips are 100 times more sensitive than our fingertips. This means that all sensations which stimulate that area are guaranteed to feel more intense and more satisfying.

  1. It helps exercise and tighten facial skin

Intense kissing is a great way to work out your facial muscles, which may help strengthen the jaw area and reduce the onset and appearance of jowls.

  1. It Burns calories

Don’t throw out the treadmill just yet, but a little kissing can burn up to 3 calories on average for every minute you do it.

  1. It Enhances intimacy

Kissing can enhance and improve intimacy. Even if you are not about to hit the sheets, kissing can be a great way to reinforce intimacy between lovers.

  1. It greatly enhances the sexual act and is good for stimulating arousal

Foreplay should never be downplayed! Kissing and the precoital act are almost inseparable. Deep kisses, quick yet playful kisses, whatever you are in the mood for are sensational ways to jump start love-making.

More About Kissing – 5 Fun Facts!

  1. Short kisses can be just as intense as open mouth kisses if they are applied to the right places and with enough frequency.
  2. A kiss is greatly amplified by hand play and cuddling.
  3. Playful and affectionate bites can add to the intimacy and enjoyment of a kiss.
  4. Kissing doesn’t necessarily mean you are more in love with one another but it sure does help! Sharing sweet kisses helps us to bond with each other and feel more connected.
  5. The kisses you give can indicate your exact feelings.
    • A kiss on the cheek is a great way to show friendship and solidarity.
    • A kiss on the lips is a great way to initiate intimacy and say “I adore you.”
    • A kiss on the hand is a great way to express admiration.
    • A kiss and a hug are a powerful combination which easily elicits feelings of love and tenderness.
    • A kiss on the neck and downwards may signal playfulness and a desire for sexual adventure.

So you don’t like to Kiss?

Men are far less likely to be turned off by a bad kisser than women. However, learning the art of kissing can go a long way to appropriating positive and lasting memories within a relationship. Try these tips to enhance your kissing style:

  1. Take it slow, don’t rush it. Savor the moment.
  2. Include a little exploration and hand play.
  3. Touch his or her face to ramp up the intimacy.
  4. With saliva, less is more. A wet kiss is great but don’t go overboard.
  5. Put your all into the kiss, leave outside distractions behind.
  6. Come up for air at intervals to look deeply into your partners eyes.
  7. Mix up the intensity, variate between a bit of aggression and spurts of tenderness.
  8. Reciprocate!!! Don’t be too quick to get intense until your partner is entirely in the mood.

A kiss can have a lasting impact. The cliché of the first kiss, is well known because it represents a universal truth. Once you have been kissed and have finally experienced the sensation for yourself you never quite forget it. We yearn to be kissed, especially by the ones we adore most. Kissing is to love what whip cream is to an amazing sundae. Kiss when you can, and delight in the feeling.